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Our goals with this money

  • fund internships, we want to teach people, and allow them to have a salary too: summer bootcamp (similar to Google Summer of Code). Help people get into this world of programming, make them discover ots of things We are very keen on taking interns and accompannying them in their learning journey. We want to deliver a great experience to everyone.
  • share a part to other open-source projects that we are based on; contribute to the open-source in general


  • How do you currently get your money?

    I work as a fulltime rendering and software engineer, and invest back as much money as I can into this project.

  • What are your plans with this money?

    Pay interns (and one day maybe fulltime developers) to work on this project. At the moment, even a few money per month can over a year sponsor the salary of an intern for two months. I also would personnaly love to be able to dedicate all my time to this project, but this implies being able to make a living out of it.

  • What is the likelihood of this project succeeding?

    100%, because I am dedicated and willing to invest all my time and resources. Even as of today we already provide great libraries that can be useful to many. The goal is to keep that effort going and become a reference for people who want to build applications.